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Warning: It takes a special person with a love for gardening to want to grow their own beautiful roses.

Are You Ready To Make Your Garden The Envy Of All Of Your Neighbours With Beautiful Roses?

Well are you ready?

Roses are arguably the most beloved flowers in the world. They symbolise love, friendship, and sympathy with an elegant beauty.

They’re also known for being one of the most fragile and time-consuming flowers you can attempt to grow on your own. Roses can catch diseases like they can sway in the wind, right?

Why take the time to learn to grow these beautiful, elegant flowers?

Because they are beautiful elegant flowers! Plus the rumours are not all true – any gardening enthusiast can successfully grow gorgeous, healthy roses with just some reliable information…

…and a little tender loving care as well.

If you want to make your garden come alive with the beauty of the worlds most beloved flower – well then you need…

101 Tips For Growing And Enjoying Your Own Great Roses!

Give me 20 minutes and I’ll give you all the expert advice you need to start growing your own gorgeous, healthy roses right outside your front door.

If you are an admirer of roses, you can become the envy of friends, family, and neighbours with some expert gardening advice.

It is true – roses have a reputation for being hard to grow and maintain. And some roses are harder to grow then others.

So let me clear up the rumours for you right now:

If you are not an experienced gardener, you should NOT grow hybrid teas roses. (Although I’ll show you how, just in case.)

On the other hand, feel free to add life to your yard with Landscape roses (perfect for the novice gardener), Shrub roses, or Old Garden roses. Anyone can learn to successfully grow these beautiful roses – all it takes is the love of gardening and a little time.

Give me that and I’ll show you the…

“Secrets Of Growing Gorgeous Healthy Roses!”

“101 Tips For Growing And Enjoying Your Own Great Roses!” contains all the information you need to add life to your yard with all types of roses. If you feel adventurous and have some time, you can learn to plant hybrid teas right outside your front door.

Or take life a little easier and fall in love with any of the other less-maintenance flowers that the rose family provides! If you want to be the envy of friends, family, and neighbours – just take a look inside of my thoroughly researched report.

Now’s your chance to look inside my expert guide to see what YOU will learn about gardening with roses:

=> Learn the 8 most important factors when selecting the rose that is right for you. (Pages 4-4)

=> Discover the rose that grows upwards like vines – perfect for trellises or the side of a building. (Page 7)

=> Realise that rain water alone is not enough for your roses. (Page 11)

=> Discover why morning sunlight can be very valuable when planting. (Page 18)

=> 8 tips for planting your potted roses successfully. (Pages 17-19)

=> 22 key tips to follow when planting organic roses. (Pages 19-22)

=> Find out what to look for when purchasing organic roses. (Page 19)

=> Learn which watering technique to avoid because of the threat of fungal diseases. (Page 11)

=> Find out which season is the best time for roses to be planted – in order to have the best chances of survival. (Page 10)

=> Learn when you may need to cut the roots of organic roses to encourage proper growth. (Pages 20-21)

=> Understand the proper methods for watering your organic roses. (Page 21)

=> Discover the easiest way to prevent diseases from taking over your roses. (Page 23)

=> 6 simple steps for keeping your roses healthy. (Pages 23-24)

=> Discover a tactic that can only be performed before planting that will give your roses room to grow. Very important if you ever want to pull the roses up and place in a pot. (Page 10)

=> Understand that roses need almost as much water as WE do! (Page 11)

=> Understand why roses droop and how to prevent it from happening. (Page 34)

=> Understand the importance of fertiliser on your roses life. (Page 12)

=> Find out which roses to stay away from if you have severe allergies. (Page 7)

=> Discover the rose that is the beautiful result of cross-breeding two popular roses – taking the best traits of each flower. (Page 8)

=> 5 simple steps to air drying your roses – keep them forever! (Page 29)

=> Learn how 7-Up can be used to help prevent bacteria – no I’m not kidding! (Page 34)

=> 7 special occasions in which sending roses would be more than ideal. (Page 35)

=> Understand the importance of pH levels when planting roses. (Page 9)

=> Understand that “Black Spots” are more than just a description, but a fungal disease and how to remedy the situation. (Pages 24-25)

=> Realise a crucial time in your rose’s life cycle and how to treat it appropriately. (Page 9)

=> Understand the importance of the height of a rose and how it can effect the look of your garden, for better or for worse! (Page 5)

=> Realise the effect of cold winters on your roses. (Page 5)

=> Understand which roses can be cut and made into bouquets, and which will just fall apart. (Page 5)

=> Learn which roses are perfect for the novice gardener. (Page 7)

=> Learn how to use fertilisation to keep your plants healthy. (Page 10)

=> Learn when NOT to fertilise your roses – doing so could be disastrous. (Page 12)

=> 17 steps to professionally sand drying your roses – decorate your house! (Pages 29-31)

=> Find out whether cold climate roses are right for you! Hint: Your climate is not the only determining factor. (Page 31)

=> Find out the best place to plant your roses in order for them to grow properly. (Page 9)

=> 8 cold climate flowers you may want to search your local garden center for. (Page 32)

=> 9 steps to taking care of your roses to ensure longevity. (Pages 13-14)

=> Find out which fertiliser is best to use for your roses. (Page 12)

=> Learn which rose remains gorgeous even when not in bloom! (Page 7)

=> Learn which season is most suitable for pruning. (Page 13)

=> Discover how “mulching” can cut down on maintenance considerably. (Page 14)

=> Find out which rose is perfect for indoor planting. (Page 8)

=> Learn to find out which rose is best suited for your location and expertise level. (Page 9)

=> 7 steps to restoring drooping roses. (Pages 33-34)

=> Learn a simple technique for protecting your roses during the winter months. (Page 14)

=> Learn to prepare your pruning shears in order to protect your flowers from diseases and insects. (Page 15)

=> Realise that you need to start pruning before this happens… (Find out what “this” is inside) (Page 15)

=> 11 tips for properly pruning your roses. (Pages 15-17)

=> Find out the best time of year for transferring planted, potted roses to your garden. (Page 17)

=> Learn how to rid your flowers of aphids and spider mites – they can be hazardous to your roses’ health. (Page 24)

=> Learn to bring your roses back to health from 6 different common insects and diseases. (Pages 24-26)

=> 6 steps for giving your roses the boost they need in springtime. (Pages 26-28)

=> 4 different ways to prepare roses to send to a friend or loved one. (Pages 36-37)

And there’s MUCH more – guaranteed!

“Who Else Wants To Add Life To Their Garden With The World’s Most Beloved Flower!”

The idea of a beautiful garden in your front yard, side yards, backyard, or all four must look beautiful inside your imagination.

I can tell you this – if you can appreciate the beauty in your mind you have what it takes to maintain and grow beautiful healthy roses. All you need is a little guidance.

Without that guidance, you may not know that watering your roses with the wrong technique can actually encourage fungus to grow. Page 21 in my rose manual will keep you from making this mistake.

If you don’t get the proper information, tell me if you wouldn’t be doing more work…

Roses are known for being high maintenance. Did you know that using mulch in a certain way will cut down on the maintenance of your gorgeous roses? If you read page 14 of my expert guide, you would save yourself time.

Maybe saving you that extra time will be what convinces you that you can make the commitment to grow your own beautiful roses after all!

101 tips…

101 tips all designed to make sure you pick the right flower for you, plant them the right way, maintain them correctly, and protect them from disease…

…all so that you can enjoy gorgeous, healthy roses from your own porch.

“Growing Beautiful Roses Is Easier Than You Think!”

Even the novice gardener can start growing healthy, successful roses. (You just need to pick the right species, my guide will tell you which ones.)

It all starts with some good information from years and years of trial and error. All the tips, tricks, and techniques you can think of have been passed down time and time again…

…and now they’re all in one guidebook, “101 Tips For Growing And Enjoying Your Own Great Roses!” This manual is your jump start to growing successful roses.

Don’t waste hours and hours of your precious time without first making sure you know how to properly take care of your new project.

You may spend close to a hundred hours in your garden in one year. What if you just spent 20 hours in one year planting, and trying to maintain your roses…

…your roses that fell to disease and terrible insects (not to mention the less than ideal location that was selected for planting). That would be 20 hours wasted.

Is your time worth enough that you would like to stop those 20 hours from being wasted?

If so, then get your guide right away.


It is important to me that I make your mind completely at ease when getting your copy of “101 Tips For Growing And Enjoying Your Own Great Roses!”I know that you will be so happy with my guide that you wouldn’t give it back if I paid you. So I’m willing to give you this offer to put all the risk on me while you check out my expert guide:

You have an entire 3 months to read my guide and decide if you’d like to keep it. If at anytime within those three months, you decide that “101 Tips For Growing And Enjoying Your Own Great Roses!” was not for you, just send me an email. I’ll send you a prompt and full refund.


But try it out and I think you’ll see – you wouldn’t give it back if I paid you.

I said at the beginning, it takes a special person with a love for gardening to want to grow their own beautiful roses. Those people will take that step today.

Getting your copy is easy – “101 Tips For Growing And Enjoying Your Own Great Roses!” will take you by the hand and show you how to grow gorgeous, healthy roses. My expert guide will help you decide which flower or flowers are right for you and your garden…And then show you what you will need to do to properly maintain and protect your beloved flowers.

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