Orchids – Intro:

This book is dedicated to the beautiful flower know as the Orchid. It is a beginners guide and contains growing tips.

Steadily growing in popularity throughout the United States, Orchids are currently the second most popular potted flower, according to recent sales, second only to poinsettias. In 2005, more than 18 million orchids were sold, a large part of the population previously believed that orchids were delicate, they are beginning to learn that they have many benefits to include being simple to maintain and they also have the ability to bloom year round.

You’ll be getting a PDF guide to Orchids that contains information for the beginners, such as the basics about orchids, with growing tips to grow these magnificent flowers indoors.

Orchids – Table of Contents:

Orchid Flowers – An Introduction – 2
The Natural Mystique Of Orchids – 3
The Orchid-More Than Just An Exotic Flower – 5
The Orchid Plant: Important Aspects – 7
Orchid Flowers Basics – 9
Orchid Flowers – Growing Indoors – 11
Orchid Flowers Growing Tips – 12

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